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Sinem Günel

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Coach


My Story

After graduating from high school, I started studying business administration, believing that a corporate career would be my path to fulfillment. Little did I know that 1.5 years into my studies I would start my own business and become an entrepreneur.

One day I joined one of the many start-up events at my university without expecting too much. However, after listening to some keynotes of founders, I knew that’s what I truly wanted in life. So I started reading and learning a lot about entrepreneurship, particularly books from successful founders.

My Passion

While analyzing some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, I realized they all have one communality: They had to improve themselves before improving their business. In fact, every successful person, no matter if founder, CEO, sportsman, or yoga teacher is talking about the same thing in their books: Personal Growth.

Once I realized how important personal development is (and that our educational systems fail to teach these topics), I started diving deep into it.


Together with a few friends, I started hosting workshops for students on how to set goals, build habits, and become better versions of themselves. People LOVED our events and we kept trying out different formats for two years. In 2019, I decided to level my own skills up and became a certified trainer in adult education and communication.

Online Courses

Soon after hosting our workshops, my partner Philip and I also created online programs and digital courses, helping young people to elevate their lives and performance. So far, our courses have been watched by thousands of people across the globe.

Visit my profile:  https://medium.com/@sinemgnel

My Writing Journey

Back in 2018, my boyfriend one day told me he watched a video where a guy explained how you could make money through writing articles on Medium. I didn’t know Medium before, and neither did I have any professional writing experience, but I loved the idea of getting paid for my writing. I always liked writing, and as I was hosting workshops, creating online courses, and continuously learning new stuff, I had a lot of ideas on what to write about.

I few hours after our conversation, I published my first article. In the next 1.5 years, I published 200 more. And I’ll be honest with you: It didn’t really pay off. I was writing at 6 AM in the morning or at 10 PM at night as I’ve been doing a full-time internship, finishing my studies, and hosting workshops, but for some reason, I kept going as I loved the process of writing.

However, in December 2019, I decided to finally take Medium more seriously. I saw that many writers were making tons of money through their writing and reaching millions of readers, and I wanted to do the same.

Due to my previous work, I had so much content to share, and I just wanted to reach an audience that is interested in my message.

Fast forward: Right now, I’m a Top Medium Writer in more than 15 categories, making more than $5,000 solely through my writing on Medium and reaching hundreds of thousands of readers every month.

That’s why I now decided to support new writers to create similar results on Medium. I sincerely believe that entrepreneurship (which also includes a writing career) is the most powerful path to personal growth. By teaching new writers how to succeed in building a writing career and designing the life of their dreams, I’m basically combining both of my passions: personal growth and writing.

Why You Should Work With Me

Proven Strategies

I walk my talk. All strategies of the Medium Writing Academy are exactly what I do every day to make more than $5,000 per month - they work.

Top Writer

Being a Top Writer on Medium means having written some of the most popular posts in certain categories. By date, I’m a Top Writer in more than 15 topics.

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Only less than 9% of all Medium writers are making more than $100. With monthly paychecks of more than $5,000, I’m among the best-earning writers.

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Working with me is your shortcut. I don’t like telling stories - I get to the point and give you access to the strategies you really need..

Certified Coach

I’m not only a writer but an accredited coach. Contrary to other writers, I know how to teach you so that you really get the point and achieve your desired results.

No First Mover Advantage

Contrary to other big writers on Medium, I didn’t have the first-mover advantage. I know what works, even if you start in 2020 instead of 2017.

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