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Medium has literally changed my life and I know it can change yours as well. That’s why I’m here to support you on that path. On this page, you can find tons of tips around Medium, my free Medium Mastermind Group on Facebook, and many other free resources. Enjoy Browsing!

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I believe that life is easier and more fun if you are surrounded by like-minded people. That’s why I created the Medium Mastermind Group on Facebook.

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In my free 5-Day Medium Writing Course you'll learn why I struggled to succeed on Medium and how I managed to turn the game around.

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In my life trainings I share hands-on advice on how to improve your writing and make it big on Medium, at the end of each session, we do a live Q&A.

Three Tips you can implement today:

Create An Attractive Bio
You don’t have lots of opportunities to customize your author profile. In fact, you only have 160 characters and your profile picture to impress a reader. But if designed correctly, these can be enough to impress your potential readers and gain their trust. Your profile needs to look credible and friendly. You don’t need your CV picture, but you better take one that is not too blurry, dark, or weird. Most authors here don’t change their profile pictures too often because it’s kind of a symbol, a logo for their writing, and people might not remember your name, but they’ll probably recall your picture because of the colors or style of it.

Follow The Content Guidelines
I’m scared by how many people don’t seem to understand that you must follow the rules if you want to succeed on a platform. If you want to be creative and if you write for fun, go pursue your creativity and do whatever you want.
But if you want to make it big on Medium, build an audience, and make money through your writing, you have no chance by merely following your creativity. It just won’t work. There’s a good reason why more than 90% of all writers here are hardly making $100. There’s always room for one more person on the top, BUT to make it to the top, you need to follow the rules that those who are already there applied.

Don’t listen to the advice of people who aren’t ahead of you
So many great writers are wasting their time by asking for advice in some weird Facebook groups. However, if everybody would know how to succeed on Medium, more people would actually be achieving great results. There’s a good reason why so many people fail.
If you keep getting advice from those who don’t create great results themselves, how can you wonder about not succeeding yourself? Would you ever ask an overweight person how to get into shape? Or a broke person how to build wealth? You wouldn’t. So why would you ask those for advice about Medium who are failing themselves? There’s, of course, a difference in the advice you’ll get from those making 4 or even 5 figures per month compared to the 90% that are making less than $100.

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